5 Simple Tips To Build an Email Fast

When you first start building an email list, it can be tough. That's why we've taken our best practices and formed them into an actionable blog post you guys can use and implement for your business.

The main point you should get out of this is to focus on creating a high-quality list instead of a list filled with people who aren't even interested in your brand.

For example, let's say you email 100 loyal followers and they purchase over $500 of product vs when you email 1000 random followers and they purchase nothing & just unsubscribe to your list.

A high-quality list is essential to getting the results that you're looking for. Now we are going to show you how to create a quality list.

1. A great offer is 75% of the battle

Ask yourself this question. Why would I want to join a newsletter? People want to join something that benefits them.

They go to your website for a reason, which means they are interested in your products. Offer them an amazing incentive to join your list.

Ex: Get 10% off, etc

2. Giveaway

We've seen that giveaways give us our highest opt-in rate. We roughly average 30% of users opting into a giveaway.

This has been our go-to method to building up a list quickly.

Ex: Win a year supply of protein

3. Free Info/Courses

People love free things ---- me included. Offer them a free course when they come across your website.

It can be related to your page or even an article that can benefit them.

For example, let's say I was a fitness brand. I could offer them a free guide on How to get a six-pack in 6 weeks.

Who wouldn't want that? Learn how to get a six-pack for free. Instead of having to purchase a personal trainer.

Ex: How to get rid of my acne, etc

4.Social Proof

People love to follow other people. It's common sense. They love to follow the crowd.

By letting your customers know before they join the list with: "Join 5,621 other women"

You allow people to feel safe and be a part of the family when joining your list.

5.Get Creative

Where does your audience spend time? How else can you reach them?

We have used Quora, Reddit, and even Pinterest to collect subscribers for our clients.

It depends on where your client lies.

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